FAQ - Delandis home furnishings

DeLandis specializes in producing furniture and raw materials for home furnishings. Located in Shengzhen, China with new customer service and sales offices in the US, DeLandis is able to provide retailers with reduced costs, increased margins and quality products.

About memory foam

Visco-elastic memory foam is a direct result of space-age technology. Developed during the 1960’s for NASA this product was used to cushion and deflect the tremendous effects of gravitational pull experienced by our astronauts during take off and re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. By way of its great success with NASA, the foam began being used to cushion, protect and comfort critically ill individuals in hospital intensive care units. It also provided outstanding healing benefits and comfort to bed ridden individuals in hospital burn centers. As its fame grew, other industries began using visco-elastic foam in car seats, cushions and a wide variety of products.
Because of memory foams comforting properties, moving and adjusting are dramatically diminished. Thus, you are able to fully relax longer without moving, in a more comfortable position. Additionally, when you do move, memory foam gently "fills in" and reshapes itself to your new posture, cradling every part of your body.

solid hardwood Construction

Our solid hardwood frames are built with corner blocks and glued for superior frame strength and durability.